Saturday, April 30, 2011

Alright I'm so gonna blog now! Just finish playing a few rounds
of League of Legends and I felt so happy because I didn't lose at all!

Went to Suntec City for the Alienware & League of Legends Event today.
Also took a lot of photos during Event and gonna send it to
Garena so that they can post it up on their Facebook Page and Website.
Then who knows maybe I can have a better chance in working in Garena?

If you people are interested in League of Legends or you've already started playing!
My In Game Nick is Estique. Just add me up in the game and I'll talk to you :) 

Let me introduce you the Friendly Staffs of League of Legends.
They're the Game-Masters as well :)

This two person are Impulse & Tunaunga!

Who's this pretty lady! It's Jiasimin!

This is alittle unglam, but still pretty! 

This is YellowPikachu, just look at his smile! He's super friendly!

This is Voyage, the coolest staff among the rest!
(He don't allow me to take his cool face)

But still, nothing runs from me! I GOT IT!

Ahha! I believe you guys should know who he is in Garena. HAMMY!

The guy on the left is Arqtus, he's a friendly chap!
(There goes YellowPikachu Pose)

Our dearest Jiasimin & YellowPikachu


Alright let's talk about the Suntec Event shall we?
There are a lot of things going on at the Event today, things like
the League of Legends Bundled Pack! The bundled pack costs $40 and
 consists of 20 Selected Champions, 10 Wins XP/IP Boosts, 
4 Powerful Runes and of course the 2 unique skins for Annie & Kayle!

Daniel unboxed the bundled pack straight away when he bought it
and he decided to share it with everyone here!

Gosh! Just look at the queue! Thanks for supporting League of Legends!

Look at them! They are Garena League of Legends Fans!
After they got their free gifts! They wore it together straight!

The unboxing of League of Legends Bundled Pack!
(Presented to you by Daniel)

The Bundled Pack with 6 different champions of Garena Prepaid Cards.

We bought the bundled pack and prepaid cards together!
The lanyards, tee and notebooks are free gifts from Garena!

Thanks to Alienware for this cool looking paper bag!


Another thing that is held in the event too.
The League of Legends Tournament, Garena Team which are represented by
the Game-Masters V.S the Blaze of Glory Tournament Champion, Team 5S1M
Here are the photos!

Tournament in Progress!

On the Left : The Garena League of Legends Team!
On the Right : The Blaze of Glory Champion, Team 5S1M!

This is why I said it's a BIG EVENT! A "Live Match" Corner.

Chose their own Champions and they are ready to battle!

The Garena League of Legends Team!

Team 5S1M

It was a very good match they played. However, the winner
for this match goes to Team 5S1M! Congratulations!


After that . . . 

Weixiang wish to say bye to everyone and thank you for reading my blog!
(Pretty Angels over there beside him)

Walked Away @ 11.52pm

Finally I've completed my 40 hours of CSO and I'm very happy with it.
I'm impressed that I've completed within a week with good reports on it!
Thanks Hougang Community Club to let me clear my CSO Hours there.

Alright, I have been watching these YouTube videos about Cameras, Lens and
also the way of taking photos in this YouTube Channel named
Videos were taken and hosted by this two person which I'm very impressed on.
They are Kai, the show presenter & Lok the cameraman. In case of you
not knowing who they are, I've inserted their photos for you to see.

Kai Wong - DigitalRev TV Presenter

Lok C. - DigitalRev TV Cameraman

I found their videos when I was watching videos on YouTube about DSLR Lenses
and I think that they are really cool. Videos was taken by Lok.C's DSLR
from 240p to 1080p HD , and of course, 1080p HD is much more clearer!

I loved the way Kai Wong talked with his "British" accent, he joke at times
in those videos but with his kind of ways explaining the Cameras/Lenses
made me wanted to continue watching on. All their videos really made
me understood more about Cameras, Lenses and Photography.

(Video Credits to DigitalRev TV)

Now I finally know more about what I wanted to know.
The Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM. Big thanks to them!

Really great videos from them, try watching it!


Yes, do you play League of Legends? If no, maybe you should try it out!
It's a really fun RPG-Strategy game which is quite similar like DotA but
it's MORE FUN than DotA! You can check it out at League of Legends Garena.

It's gonna be a big day tomorrow, try dropping by at Suntec City.
This event is hosted by Alienware and Garena.
There's League of Legends, the Finals tournament tomorrow and also
Alienware's gaming laptops are going for an Auction too!

The Event Timing for tomorrow, 30th April 2011
11am - 1pm : Sale of League of Legends Limited Ed. Bundled Pack & Pre-paid cards.
1pm - 2pm: Showcase Match (Garena LOL Team vs 5S1M - Blaze of Glory Champions)
1pm - 3pm: Registartion for Riot Singed Skin (Singed Champion's Skin)
2pm - 4pm: Alienware Auction (Gaming Laptops)
4pm : Alienware Season One Qualifiers Finals

It is gonna be a fun day tomorrow and I will be there taking photos for the Tournament.
Do drop by to say Hi to me if you see me! 

Walked Away @ 8.57pm

Evening! Went to clear my CSO again this morning. Came to my surprise,
there wasn't much things to do today, I was actually chatting
happily with the staffs, Leexuan & BoonKwang  most of the time.
I'm happy that tomorrow is my last day for my CSO. Hooray!

Took some photos today when I had nothing to do,
so I decided to post it here to share with you all!

(There goes my Signature, it's thrash!)

My lunch! (The grapes are seriously SOUR!)

Smoking kills.

So why smoke? (Answer yourselves smokers) :P

Letters Assignment for me to do by Leexuan.

Done and send!

Saw Leexuan's cat lying down and decided to take a shot!

Isn't this sweet? Leexuan actually took it out and fed her cat!

I clicked on snap by accidental but still turned out nice!

I may be bored, but this really has a meaning. :)

Alright, you must be wondering how did I took all this photos.
It's took by my iPhone 4's Camera using a App called "Instagram"
Surprising isn't it?! 

(Instagram Application)

This is an app from iPhone App Store and the good news is,
it's FREE! So what are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD IT!

Just go to App Store and search for "Instagram" and you will
see this icon appearing, click on it and click download!

You do not need to even register it online, once you downloaded
the app. Open it and it will prompt you to create an account.
Once done, you're ready to go!

Want to know more about it? I'll help you with it!
(Credits to Uncle Sha)

Lastly, once you download it! Remember to follow me!
Go to the "Search Usernames" and search for "jaeekido"
Click on "Follow" and once I get the notifications of you following me
I'll follow you back too! Have fun loving your iPhone's Camera!

Walked Away @ 8.12pm

As usual, went to clear my CSO today, it's the third day and I've 
already cleared 24hours! I'm left with 16 hours and I'm 
intending to clear it by Friday. Keep it up Jaee! You can do it! 

I knew 2 new friends at my CSO place, both of them 
are A Kai & Wei Bin. Friendly chaps, both are funny and talkative 
which made me felt time pass faster. Nice meeting them too and 
thank them for supporting my Facebook Page and my Blog.

After my last post about my photography, 
I'm glad that there are people who actually took the time to 
enjoy the photographs, thank you all a lot!

(Here's more photos that I took during my way home today)

I felt a warm feeling while looking at this photo, did you feel it?
Tell me about it :)

Just look at the colors of these flowers, don't you feel sweet?

Bibi (Left) & Chance (Right)
Aren't they cute! They are my best partner. 
I share most of my things with them!
Don't be afraid of them, they are Golden Retrievers, most friendly dogs!

Yes, some people asked me what DSLR & Lens I'm using, glad that
you guys are interested. As I mentioned at my last post,
it's Canon EOS 500D with Canon EF-S 18-55mm Lens (Kit Lens)
I'll be changing my lens to a new one soon!


(フェアリーテイル Fearī Teiru)

I've been watching this Anime recently that Nova & Weixiang 
introduced to me. Fairy Tail is the name, and I think that it 
really attracted me because I seldom watch Animes.

I will not say the storyline here, you should go watch it! Trust me!
You will definitely like it!
(Link Credits to WeiXiang & Anime Craze) 

Walked Away @ 9.43pm

Evening! Aww, had CSO for nearly the whole day and I am really tired.
But! As I promised to put up the photos I took with my Canon EOS 500D.

I did it! I took all this photos as I'm walking back home and I took it with my heart.
So I hope that you all would appreciate the photos and give me some feedbacks!

Alright, I'm really exhausted! Tomorrow still have to continue my CSO!
Lastly, do enjoy and spend time looking at the photos! :)

(You can click on the photos to enjoy the max resolution)

Walked Away @ 10.28pm

 You must be wondering who is this ADORABLE Baby over here.
He is my Nephew, Yu Kai!

He is here to say Hi to all of you! 
Yu Kai : Hi everyone! I'm Pan Yu Kai, Nice meeting you all!

 Yu Kai : Awwies, I'm shy! Teehees!

Yu Kai : Don't take my photo please! I am really shy!!

 Yu Kai : I'm not biting my hand! It's my drumstick! It makes me feel secure!!!

Yu Kai : Yummy Yum Yum! It's better than any other drumsticks in the world!

Yu Kai : Whaatt?! C--A-N--O--N? How to pronounce it! 

Yu Kai : Ooooo! Are you all gonna let me be a BABY MODEL?!?
Here! Taste my drumsticks! It's finger licking good! I promised!

Yu Kai : Aww, I had photoshoots for the whole morning, I'm tired!
Take care everyone! I wanna sleep already!

Alright, back to me. Hope you all enjoy my nephew's photos. 
He is indeed an adorable baby and yes, he is photogenic.
He really know how to look at cameras and he is a real smart boy!

Walked Away @ 4.51pm


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