Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hey people! Do you like Transformers? Bringing you good news about the next upcoming release of STAGE! It's the STAGE x Transformers collaboration! This can be counted as a advertorial for STAGE because I am working there!

Here's a preview of it! Check it out!

Sneak Preview of STAGE x Transformers!

Isn't it cool? I still do not know when will the release be out! But heard that it will be out on 11th June on both *Scape & Far East Plaza STAGE!

I was surprised that this upcoming release is quite a hot topic around the world! It's because that there are actually news about it! Check out the links below! The release preview are there too!

News on STAGE x Transformers by Overdope

News on STAGE x Transformers by Basaradan

News on STAGE x Transformers by

Now you've saw the preview, are you interested? Wanna get one for yourself?! Then you should keep yourself updated at STAGE's Facebook Page! I will be looking forward to see those who want to buy it at STAGE because I will be there! Remember to say Hi to me!

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Hohoho! I just reached home and I am gonna blog now! I felt great today because I am having OFF DAY and that means I need not work today! I'm having off for 3 days which is including today, tomorrow and Monday!

Today I wanna talk about my facebook page, yes! I wanna thank you people for supporting my page so much! Really much thanks! I became more and more interested with my photography and my blog because all of you gave me your support and I appreciated it a lot! 

As I've said before, once my facebook page reached 500 likes! I will be doing a gift away contest! I still haven't think of what kind of contest I am going to do but no worries! I will think of it soon! I've think of the prizes and that will be a DSLR for the first prize winner! Of course I won't spend such money for a gift away contest, so I am gonna gift away my own DSLR! Which is a Canon EOS 500D which I had been using to take all my photos! Don't nag, it's better than nothing isn't it?! (I am still thinking to just gift away the DSLR Body or with the kit lens)

Canon EOS 500D

2nd prize will be a brand new Earpiece from Beats by Dr. Dre! Which is the inTour with ControlTalk! I believed that most of you had saw before or heard before! For those who had not! This is a preview for you :)

inTour with ControlTalk from Beats by Dr. Dre!

3rd prize will be a good prize too! It will be straight cash! I still haven't plan on the amount of cash that I am gonna gift away for the 3rd Prize! So just stay tune!

Attracting prizes isn't it?! Stay tune to my blog and my page! When it hits 500 likes! I will be hosting my ever first gift away contest! Want the prizes? Make sure you join the contest! I will be thinking of what the contest will be! So just be patience! 

NOTE : Please note that the prizes is not confirmed! It might be change! 

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HEY PEEPS! So sorry for not blogging! It's been so long right?! 
Those that followed me on my facebook page and had been supporting me. 
You all will know what I'm doing nowadays, that is why I had no time to blog! 
I am quite busy with my work now and my photography! So sorry!
Apologizing sincerely to all my readers!

If you all do not know, I am currently working at STAGE, located at *Scape.

It's a very nice environment to work at. I love this job very much no matter how hard it is.
Even though with long standing hours, I still love it!
For those of you that do not know how the shop look like, check it out the photos below.

(Photos credits to STAGE & Cynara Lim)

It's a very nice shop isn't it? The stuffs that are sold over there are cool too!
So you should really check it out if you haven't!

-Address & Contact-
2 Orchard Link *Scape #02-08
Singapore 237978
Tel No : +65 6738 5370
Email :

Last but not least, there are new release at 4th June, Saturday! Which is today!
The release are Caps and Tees, check it out!

These are the new release of the Caps!
Check it out more at STAGE Facebook Page.

This are the new release of the Tees!
Check it out more at STAGE Facebook Page

Please do note that all these will be available at both Far East Plaza STAGE & *Scape STAGE.
Also note that they will start selling this at 4th June 2011 at 12pm sharp! 
So what are you waiting? 

Can we order online? Yes you can! STAGE is having an online store! 
Just visit STAGE ONLINE STORE and you can order it online :)

Where is STAGE at Far East Plaza? No worries! Here is the address!
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #02-60
Singapore 228213
Tel No : +65 6738 5370
Email :

Here is the STAGE FACEBOOK PAGE, like it to keep yourself updated with new release!

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