Thursday, May 19, 2011

I was clearing up my room yesterday morning and I found something memorable! It was on my advanced 21st Birthday Celebration which is 2 years ago before I went into remand. I smiled when I saw those things and made me recalled on what happened that day!

I believed that this is done by Alicia Lim :)
(I am glad that you wrote all these, although we aren't really close.)

This is done by Felicia :)
(I am glad that you meant what you said in this letter, I love you too sis.)

This is done by Andrea :)
(I am glad that you grew up and knew how to think after these few years.)

Are you all surprised? After 2 years and these are still kept by me neatly. I guessed you girls still remembered these right? I appreciated it and felt really happy that day! Even till now when I read it, I will still smile and thought of how silly you girls are. :)

More of it :)

I still remembered that night when we was celebrating my advanced 21st birthday. All these small ladies went missing all of a sudden so I went up towards my room. When I opened the door, all of them were screaming and pushing me out of my own room. I was curious so I asked one of them what happened and she told me that I can't go in my room yet. After awhile, they opened and said that they are done, so I went in and I was stunned. They pasted all these notes at my walls and behind my door! I laughed and felt touched that they actually did all these for me and it's the 1st time of all my birthdays! So I wanna thank them now as I didn't said much during that moment of time.

Time really flies, it's been 2 years since then and you girls have already grew up. I should call you all woman now! HAHAHA! After all, I agree that we are really closed last time, but after I got my sentence, we drifted apart. Maybe it's because you all had your own things to do. Maybe it's because I got sentenced Probation and I did not have time to spend with you all. But I still hope that when all of us are free, we can hang out like how we used to! Anyway, I love you all sisters :) I will never forget how we been through everything last time! No matter if we are close or not, I will always treat you all as sisters. 

So hereby, I wished you all to be in success in whatever you all are doing!
Also wished that all of you last long with all your partners till eternity :)

Your Silly Brother,

I believed that most of you have already heard of this game, League of Legends.
Yes, it's a game that I am playing too. 

League of Legends had already been launched in Singapore for quite sometime.
It's hosted by Riot Games and Garena Pte Ltd.

This game look like DotA and HoN.
Defense of the Ancients & Heroes of Newerth.
You may want to escape this page now but WAIT!
Like what I said, the gameplay are like DotA and HoN!
But somehow, it's a lot different from the two games I listed above!

Let me explain, the similarities of this games, all 3 are strategy kind of games.
They are also base on 5 v 5 teamplay, the victory goes to the team that pushes in to the base.
All 3 gameplay also have 3 lanes which is top, middle and bottom.
Also they have each and own kind of tournaments going on!

Why I don't play DotA or HoN?

DotA came out first then HoN!
I didn't play HoN because I feel that it's totally the same thing as DotA!
What I meant in same things are the Heroes, Heroes Skills and Items.
It's just different names? Looked different!?
This doesn't mean I hate HoN, it's just reasons why I don't play HoN.

Now the difference between this 3 games.

Like what I listed above, HoN are having the same things as DotA.
But League of Legends is different! It's a game where you yourself
is a summoner and you have "Level", the max cap of your level is 30!
Each level you will gain one mastery point so that you can use it in your masteries
for the champions that you want to use. It's quite hard to understand though.

Level 30 max level, masteries for you to pump!
(This is my account, don't be curious~)

Another different thing about League of Legends is they actually have "Runes Page"
Each level you will unlock a Rune Slot, which total gives you 30 rune slots!
Runes are actually use to be equip and they actually gives you extra stats in your game.
You will not understand this if you didn't try out the game. 

Rune pages! Look at my beautiful runes!
(Rune pages maximum can have 10 pages)

Now about the Champions, their champions are so CUTE and ADORABLE!
Which I actually think that this game suit girls too. So girls should try it!
Their champions are totally different from DotA and HoN!
They even have skins for you to buy so that you can use it on your champion!
The items are different as well!
What I meant different is totally 2 different thing!

Example of the champions and their skins!
(Isn't it cute? Winks*)

Why I love to play League of legends?

I played it since close beta when it launched in Singapore all the way till now.
I find it fun and also I had put in quite a lot of effort in this game.
Also the main point is, this game really need TEAMWORK.
If you do not have enough teamwork, another team has it,
you can just jolly well prepare to lose the game or surrender.

It's totally not like DotA, like a troll warlord farm till super fat and he can 1 v 5.
So sorry, no matter how fat you are in League of Legends,
5 v 1 you will still be dead. :)
It's fair and square, that is why I liked this game, it depends on your skills!

Also a good news, Garena League of Legends is already on commercial launch!
It means that now you can even use money to buy the points inside to unlock champions,
skins, rune pages and boosts! So what are you waiting for?

Remember, even you spent lots of cash in this game, what matters is still skill!
I also wanna congrats Garena Pte Ltd on successfully having the Commercial Launch.
If you haven't try it or you are kind of interested in it!
Here you go!

(League of Legends Season One Trailer! ENJOY!)

Walked Away @ 11.59pm

It's been 2 days since I blog!
Wanna apologize to my readers and those who had supported my blog!
So sorry to not blog this 2 days! Forgive me!

Alright, let me continue to blog!
Have you all ever watch 青春全员集合?
It's a Taiwan Variety Show hosted by HeiRen (黑人)
Also with some other people.

I actually find that it's very funny and I myself loved to watch Variety Shows.
This show had started since January this year and I did not miss any of
their episodes at all! So I decided to introduce you all to watch it!

Here is one of the latest episode which I find it most funny!

(Credits to

The parts are just below the video! So just enjoy!
Sadly, I do not know why this variety show stopped at 20th April.
But I really hope that they would continue the show!

I loved to watch shows that is hosted by HeiRen (黑人)!
You can try to watch some shows which is hosted by him!
Example : 我爱黑涩棒棒堂, Love Love Love.

Oh and just wanna tell you all more about
It's a website with not just Variety Shows, they also had Dramas!
Most of the Taiwan shows and dramas are hosted there.
If you love to watch Taiwan dramas or shows, this is the link you should go to!

Give some comment about the video I posted for you all! I find it funny!
So what about you?!

Walked Away @ 9.55pm 

Well, just finished a lot of trail and errors on
doing the "Bokeh Shapes" that I promised!

But I am so gonna let all of you down and I aren't proud of it!
After trying and trying! I only got one picture out of it.

Because I do not have a large aperture lens, so everything failed!
After all, for you people who have large aperture lens,
you guys can try it out! It will work!

For me, I'm using a kit lens 18-55mm to do it...
What I knew is that you actually need a 50mm lens F1.8 and you can do it!
Of course the larger the aperture is, the better it is.

I will show you guys what you need if you would like to try it out yourself!

These are roughly the things that you need.
Total cost is about $15?

After that what you need is just trail and error. 

Due to my LENS and also my house area lightings.
What I got is this, it's kind of success anyway.
I was quite happy to get this result after so many tries!

Yes, I stayed in a private housing that's why here doesn't have much
"colorful lights". A disappointment for me as well ~

You must be asking, why must it be a 50mm lens or a large aperture lens?

A 18-55mm Kit Lens
See that tiny little heart shape? It took me 2 mins to make it!

A 50mm F1.8 Lens.
Compare it's heart shape and MINE!

Now you got the idea why? It's because I am using a kit lens.
Therefore my shapes must be 5x SMALLER than the 50mm one!
I've tried using big hearts but totally FAIL~ What I saw is a Pac-Man SHAPE
Another thing is, the smaller the shape is, the harder it is to cut!
However, there are more reasons why you need a larger aperture lens.

Oh well, I left all these mess to clear myself~
When I get my own 50mm lens, I will do it one more time to show you guys!

(Credits to DigitalRev TV)

Now don't be disappointed! Let me show you the GUIDE!
It's a guide on how to do funny bokeh shapes by Kai Wong.

Walked Away @ 11.52pm

I felt that "Bokeh Shapes" are so interesting! 
Bokeh shapes are shapes that you can create by using your 2 hands, 
a DSLR and lenses which have large aperture and some trail and error.

Some of you will be wondering, is there such word "Bokeh", and what is that?
Let me explain to you!

In photography, "Bokeh" is a japanese word, that means "Blur".
You will usually see "Bokeh" in an out of focus area of an image.
Similar as when you do a macro/closed up shot, the back ground of your
subject is blur and that can be counted of Bokeh too.

You can read more about what's Bokeh at the link shown below.

(More information about "What's Bokeh?".)

But today, I am talking about Bokeh Shapes. Which means any shapes!
Well, I didn't buy everything that I needed for doing the bokeh shapes.
So what I can do is to postpone to tomorrow! I promised!

But,I will show a few examples of what I wanted 
to do and show you guys the meaning of Bokeh Shapes.
Here you go!

Saw all these shapes? Isn't it nice? Isn't it cool?
It gave me those dreamy feeling!
These are Bokeh Shapes! I loved it and I would like to try it out myself!
Too bad that I only can do it tomorrow!

So well, stay tuned to tomorrow!

Oh yes, during my last few posts, there was this Light Painting post.
Some of you actually asked me how did I do it, I will post a
tutorial up soon for you people so that you all can try it out!

Walked Away @ 9.30pm

Alright, just reached home and I am gonna post about a new Anime today!
It's introduced by C.K, the Anime name is "Highschool of the Dead".

I seldom watch Animes so I will just list it as the bloodiest one I've ever seen.
It's a Anime featuring a group of High School Students 
fighting their way out of all the zombies! 

The story started when one of the High School teachers
got bitten by one zombie and the zombie crowd became bigger and bigger.
Something like Left 4 Dead / Left 4 Dead 2. But I think it's quite epic!

This shows can be counted as R-Rated I guess?
 First it's too bloody, second are all the girls inside the Anime~ 
(You will know what I mean after you watch it)

But after all, it's still a nice Anime to watch!
Oh, the 1st Season of this Anime is done! Now waiting for Season 2!
This Anime came out 2 - 3 months already, from what I heard from C.K.
So some of you may have already watched it, but for those who do not know about it.
Try watching it :)

(Thanks to C.K for introducing me this Anime)

(Highschool of the Dead trailer)

If you do not know where to watch this Anime, post it on the
comment box below and I will give you some links to try.


Walked Away @ 9.37pm

Finally! I found something I wanted to blog!
Some of you may be interested in too!

This Saturday is Show Luo's World Live Tour Concert!
There will be a lot of things selling at the concert!
But today I am talking about the Bags that they are gonna sell!

If you people do not know, Show Luo had helped Manhattan Portage Bags
to do advertisements. Therefore the bags that they are selling this year
are from Manhattan Portage! They collaborated 2 kinds of bag for his concert!

One is a bag pack and another one is a messenger bag and both looks cool!

Model of this brand : 1219-LEO-SHOW

Model of this brand : 1219-LEO-SHOW

Bottom part of the bag!

Model of this brand : 1604-LEO-SHOW

Model of this brand : 1605V-LEO-SHOW

Behind part the bag!

Isn't it cool? I am so gonna get the bag! Either the bag pack
or the messenger bag! I do not know which color to choose though!
Maybe you people can give some comments about it?

You may be thinking it's only for guys! But no! This is unisex!
Both guys and girls can use it! 

I will buy it because first I am a Show Luo's supporter!
2nd is because I love to use Manhattan Portage bags because it's durable
and also they have different kinds of bags to let you use for 
different kind of environment or places!

Yes the prices of bags are listed below
1219-LEO-SHOW : $149
1604-LEO-SHOW : $99
1605V-LEO-SHOW : $129

It's gonna be launch at STAGE at *SCAPE and Far East Plaza!
This Wednesday, 11th May 2011 at 12pm noon!

The bags will be on sale at the Concert Day as well outside the Stadium!
On Saturday, 14th May 2011,  3pm!

Note that the bags are Limited Editions!
It means that you can't buy it anymore once it's out of stock!
These bags won't be on sale at Singapore Manhattan Portage Store.
Because they are from Manhattan Portage Taiwan! 
So they will only be launch in STAGE at *SCAPE and Far East Plaza.

I am gonna head down this Wednesday to get the bags!
For those who want it, you can leave a comment so we can go down together!


Walked Away @ 11.59pm

I AM SO FULL! Just finished my DINNER, or maybe Supper?
Didn't went for Mother's Day dinner today so Mommy packet Chilli Crab 
back for me and it's in 2 packet! I was like blur but still happy!
Aww, I guess I added on 5 kg for eating the crabs. Spicylicous!
But still Mommy ate it with me because I can't finish. Loves Mommy!

Super Spicy Chilli Crab!

Oh yeah, this morning went for voting, I didn't vote for any of the sides.
I didn't know who to vote for so I just give it up and after that I straight
went to Mid-Point Orchard for my appointment with my hairstylist.

Didn't know what hairstyle to cut so I let her to decide for me and 
I was so happy with the haircut after everything is finished! She said
that I looked much more neat and tidy now with the new haircut and I 
agree with it. HAHA! But still thanks to Winnie, my hairstylist from GC.Salon.

GC Salon is really the best Salon of any other Salon I went till now.
Their services is really good and they really give good haircuts/treatments.
Before I cut my hair, one of the staff will bring me to my seat and asked me what
I want as a drink, they have Ribena, Ice Water, Tea, Coke and more!
After my haircut, Winnie help me wash up and after that applied a lotion called
"Scalp Tonic" which protects my scalp and there are other uses too.
It's cooling and refreshing. After that she helped me to style my hair!

This is gonna be a Salon that I will really recommend it to my friends.
Some of my friends went there for their haircut and they leave without regrets!
Choice of Drink + Cut + Wash + Blow + Style = $45 (TOTALLY WORTH IT)
Like what I said, you get what you paid for and 
you have to pamper yourself at times right?

GC Salon The Art Of Beauty!


Drinks menu!

It's really a nice and style Salon.
(GC Salon Photos credits to

A haircut that I did not leave with regret!

What are you waiting for? Wanna pamper your hair? Get yourself a haircut?
Go to GC Salon now! It's really a good place! You can ask for Winnie
and said that I introduced you over for a haircut!

GC Salon is Located at Midpoint Orchard Mall
(220 Orchard Road #04-13)
Contact them at 6733 3417

Cam-whoring just now ~ Gonna post it here too. HA!

 I really love my hairstyle now, oh yeah! I got that specs from Bugis!
Is it nice? Husky said I looked younger! HAHAHA!


Walked Away @ 11.59am

Stayed at home the whole day today.
Didn't go out because I was figuring out how to use Wordpress.
I figured out how to make a blog over there, but it's quite confusing 
on the functions over there because it is different from blogger.

I'm intending to buy my own domain over there and ownself edit a theme
out for myself. So readers, this is a notice for you, soon I will be moving over!

Was sitting at my rooftop listening to songs today and saw the sunset.
It was soooo nice till I can't resist myself from running to my room and get my
DSLR and run back up to take the scene! It was so warming!

When the sun was starting to set.

This is nice.

I love the color of the sky!

This is just a photo I wanted to share.
(Credits to Zoyi Reuz Wang)

Some of you asked me, why I suddenly fell in love with Photography.
Also asked me why I suddenly became a full-time blogger.

I do not know why as well. I just feel that Photography is a skill.
I had interest in it so I wish to learn this skill too.
Just like what Zoyi Reuz Wang said, capturing all the moments
and slowly make it become memories that stays with me.

Now you will ask me who's this Zoyi? She's a friendly girl whom I knew online.
We had the same interests, we exchanged our photos 
that we took with each other and said how we felt about it. 
She blogs, she takes photographs too. 
She's really a cool girl. Never regret knowing her.

Tomorrow is the election day, who are you going to vote?
I will just vote to PAP as my Dad and Mom are supporting them.
After that gonna rush to my hairstylist side and ask her to 
help me cut my hair, still thinking of what hairstyle to cut.
 Maybe gonna ask her to think of a haircut that suits me. So just stay tune! :)

Walked Away @ 11.59am

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